Friday, July 24, 2009

1 Sarawak 1 Price

Good news to Sarawakian.... Sarawak rural folk may enjoy "One Sarawak One Price" of 100 essential goods after standardisation by the eng of the year.
This is good news to Sarawk rural folks.... 1 malaysia.

Sarawak RCC Bengoh Dam

Sarawak RCC Bengoh Dam with a capacity to hold 2047 Mega litres per day of raw water will satisfy the needs of Kuching & Samarahan until 2030 once it is completed.

Monday, July 20, 2009

1 Belia 1 Malaysia

Ministry of Youth and Sports is organised a 1 Belia 1 Malaysia program for those youth who wish to become 1 of the 20 Panel for "Majlis Perundingan Nelia Negara" where those selected youth may have chances to attend the meeting, conference, congress and etc to express their thought, feeling, comment and idea on all those activities done by Ministry of Youth and Sports.

So, those who interested, do log on to to nominate your fren or nominate your own name. Closing date by 28 July 2009

Delivered talk on 1 Malaysia at Kampung Sega

Received Souvenir from Ketua Kaum Kpg Sega
Participants who attend the function at Kpg Sega

Nice Banner
Again i was invited by my colleague to delivered a talk on 1 Malaysia at Kpg Sega @ 18 Julai 2009 by 2pm and the program continue untill 12am for the 1st aniversary of Biro Wanita Kpg Sega.
2 speakers from JASA ( me and My bos) were delivered a talk on 1 Malaysia and Role of Parent on Kids Education respectively. I do enjoy deliverd a talk to the people of Kpg Sega because there are absolutely concentrate on my talk although the weather very hot and if for me, i might fall asleep. Thanks you people of Kpg Sega.... We are 1 Malaysia...
for those still not very sure on 1 Malaysia, do take some times visit

Monday, July 13, 2009

Rainforest World Musical Festival successfully organise... Well done STB

Enjoy everyone

Volunteer team for Shuttle service (from left me, STB official Paul, Ramzul, Radzi and our bos Mary Wan Mering)

Final nite @ RWMF 2009
1 week before the RWMF 2009, plenty of rumours and comment on the organising of such music festival at Sarawak. It is all due to the worried of H1N1 being spread seriously in Sarawak and i believe plenty of people of kuching are not dared to join the festival because worried of H1N1... But, it surprisingly that the turn out for year 2009 is greater than turn out on RWMF 2008....and 0 case of H1N1 was reported for the festival..... It mean that the organiser and Ministry of Health had done a very good job.... Well Done Sarawak Tourism Board and Ministry of Health, Malaysia....
To all my readers, for those who never join the festival, do take the opportunity to join it by next year and to those who ever join it, see you guy again next year....
Thanks to all who visit the festival and all the performers who making the success for the festival... See you guy again by 9-11 July 2010 @ Sarawak Cultural Village Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rainforest World Musical Festival - 10-12 July 2009

The Rainforest World Music Festival is a unique festival that brings together on the same stage renowned world musicians from all continents and indigenous musicians from the interiors of the mythical island of Borneo.

Its formula of afternoon informative workshops, ethno-musical lectures, jamming sessions and mini concerts, followed by eveningperformances on the main stage has proven to be a hit with the audience, who come from near and far.

The festival site also sets up a variety of food and drink stalls, an arts and crafts area as well as a counter for festival memorabilia, Sarawak souvenirs and CDs by the performing artists, all this contributing to a fun filled, wholesome festival experience. World Music plus a country fair atmosphere in the midst of lush greenery.

The Rainforest World Music Festival, a not-to-be-missed occasion, guarantees a smashing time in the heart of the Borneo Jungle !
Let us join the musical festival together from 10-12 July 2009...... See you all there...

Mathematics and Sciences Back to Bahasa and Mother Tongues

Good news........The Government has decided to reverse the Teaching of Mathematics and Science in English policy and revert to Bahasa Malaysia in national schools and Chinese and Tamil in vernacular schools. However, although it will teach Maths and Sciences in Bahasa or mother tongues, but it will more emphasis on English, including the hiring of retired teachers, assistant teachers for bigger classes and having additional periods.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said this meant that from 2012, students in Years One and Four and Forms One and Four in national primary and secondary schools would study the two subjects in Bahasa Malaysia while those in vernacular schools would be taught in their mother tongue (Chinese and Tamil).

According to the Education Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, There want to have a ‘soft landing’ which is why there will begin only in 2012. This will allow more time to make the necessary preparations.

No matter how, it will be a good news to all and wish there will be more good news in the future.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Majlis Penutupan Gawai and 1 Malaysia talk

Poco-poco dance by Kampung Bidak dancers
Again i was joining my colleague program to Kampung Bidak at Padawan area for ceramah 1 Malaysia and Majlis Penutupan Gawai. I was successfully deliverd the talk on 1 Malaysia to the people of Kpg Bidak.... Thank u all for concentrate during my talk hope you all may understand n getting to know the concept of 1 Malaysia.
First of all, Kpg Bidak is a great village to visit with and the people of Kpg Bidak welcome all of us with a warmest great and it had the nice lanscaping around you...If i got some more free time, i would like to dropby again in the mean time.
Overall, i was very enjoy during the nite and thanks to my collegue inviting me there and to all the people of Kpg Bidak, thanks you so much for the warmest welcome, for those who love nature, do dropby Kpg Bidak if free.

Maid Tiff Issues - - Solution

During the meeting between Indonesia manpower and Trans-migration Minister Erman Suparno and Datuk Dr S. Subranmaniam, there both agree that Indonesia will resume sending its citizens to work as maids in Malaysia next month with following agreement:
> Allowing maids to hold their passports instead of the employers doing so;
> Giving maids a weekly day off;
> Requiring employers to bank in monthly pay;
> Giving adequate protection to maids from abusive employers; and
> Curbing maids from being brought into Malaysia illegally.
Anyhow, further discussions would start on July 15 and there hope that the discussion may help to solve the problem.