Monday, October 19, 2009

Sept 16 declared Malaysia Day and public holiday

Beginning next year, Sept 16 has been declared as Malaysia Day and a public holiday.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the day would involve activities that would foster the 1Malaysia spirit.

He added this meant Malaysians would have a twin celebration, to commemorate the country’s independence starting next year

Najib said National Day on Aug 31 would be celebrated with formal events such as a parade to commemorate the historical moment and it would remind the people about the struggle in achieving independence from the colonists.

He made the announcement during the question-and-answer session at Parliament on Monday.
Najib said Sabah and Sarawak, which joined Malaysia in 1963 and the formation of Malaysia as an independent country was a very important moment in history.
“We want the joy and sorrows of the people in Sabah and Sarawak to be felt by the people in the Peninsula,” he said.

“Therefore, I would like to announce to the people of Malaysia that the Cabinet has recently made the decision to celebrate Hari Malaysia on Sept 16 starting 2010.”

Malaysia Day would be celebrated with events that would foster closer unity, understanding between the different races and community success and achievement through sports, social culture and arts, to spur the 1Malaysia spirit, he added.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


实很多男孩子都不知道, 女孩子从来不会真正去生他们的气,因为她是真的喜欢他在乎他。
她会很矜持, 她会很骄傲, 她会很冷淡,她总是嘴里说着你走开,心里却一直叫你留下。
请你张开你的耳朵,也请你打开你的心,去听她心里真正的呼唤, 而不是她嘴里的口是心非。




Friday, July 24, 2009

1 Sarawak 1 Price

Good news to Sarawakian.... Sarawak rural folk may enjoy "One Sarawak One Price" of 100 essential goods after standardisation by the eng of the year.
This is good news to Sarawk rural folks.... 1 malaysia.

Sarawak RCC Bengoh Dam

Sarawak RCC Bengoh Dam with a capacity to hold 2047 Mega litres per day of raw water will satisfy the needs of Kuching & Samarahan until 2030 once it is completed.

Monday, July 20, 2009

1 Belia 1 Malaysia

Ministry of Youth and Sports is organised a 1 Belia 1 Malaysia program for those youth who wish to become 1 of the 20 Panel for "Majlis Perundingan Nelia Negara" where those selected youth may have chances to attend the meeting, conference, congress and etc to express their thought, feeling, comment and idea on all those activities done by Ministry of Youth and Sports.

So, those who interested, do log on to to nominate your fren or nominate your own name. Closing date by 28 July 2009

Delivered talk on 1 Malaysia at Kampung Sega

Received Souvenir from Ketua Kaum Kpg Sega
Participants who attend the function at Kpg Sega

Nice Banner
Again i was invited by my colleague to delivered a talk on 1 Malaysia at Kpg Sega @ 18 Julai 2009 by 2pm and the program continue untill 12am for the 1st aniversary of Biro Wanita Kpg Sega.
2 speakers from JASA ( me and My bos) were delivered a talk on 1 Malaysia and Role of Parent on Kids Education respectively. I do enjoy deliverd a talk to the people of Kpg Sega because there are absolutely concentrate on my talk although the weather very hot and if for me, i might fall asleep. Thanks you people of Kpg Sega.... We are 1 Malaysia...
for those still not very sure on 1 Malaysia, do take some times visit

Monday, July 13, 2009

Rainforest World Musical Festival successfully organise... Well done STB

Enjoy everyone

Volunteer team for Shuttle service (from left me, STB official Paul, Ramzul, Radzi and our bos Mary Wan Mering)

Final nite @ RWMF 2009
1 week before the RWMF 2009, plenty of rumours and comment on the organising of such music festival at Sarawak. It is all due to the worried of H1N1 being spread seriously in Sarawak and i believe plenty of people of kuching are not dared to join the festival because worried of H1N1... But, it surprisingly that the turn out for year 2009 is greater than turn out on RWMF 2008....and 0 case of H1N1 was reported for the festival..... It mean that the organiser and Ministry of Health had done a very good job.... Well Done Sarawak Tourism Board and Ministry of Health, Malaysia....
To all my readers, for those who never join the festival, do take the opportunity to join it by next year and to those who ever join it, see you guy again next year....
Thanks to all who visit the festival and all the performers who making the success for the festival... See you guy again by 9-11 July 2010 @ Sarawak Cultural Village Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rainforest World Musical Festival - 10-12 July 2009

The Rainforest World Music Festival is a unique festival that brings together on the same stage renowned world musicians from all continents and indigenous musicians from the interiors of the mythical island of Borneo.

Its formula of afternoon informative workshops, ethno-musical lectures, jamming sessions and mini concerts, followed by eveningperformances on the main stage has proven to be a hit with the audience, who come from near and far.

The festival site also sets up a variety of food and drink stalls, an arts and crafts area as well as a counter for festival memorabilia, Sarawak souvenirs and CDs by the performing artists, all this contributing to a fun filled, wholesome festival experience. World Music plus a country fair atmosphere in the midst of lush greenery.

The Rainforest World Music Festival, a not-to-be-missed occasion, guarantees a smashing time in the heart of the Borneo Jungle !
Let us join the musical festival together from 10-12 July 2009...... See you all there...

Mathematics and Sciences Back to Bahasa and Mother Tongues

Good news........The Government has decided to reverse the Teaching of Mathematics and Science in English policy and revert to Bahasa Malaysia in national schools and Chinese and Tamil in vernacular schools. However, although it will teach Maths and Sciences in Bahasa or mother tongues, but it will more emphasis on English, including the hiring of retired teachers, assistant teachers for bigger classes and having additional periods.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said this meant that from 2012, students in Years One and Four and Forms One and Four in national primary and secondary schools would study the two subjects in Bahasa Malaysia while those in vernacular schools would be taught in their mother tongue (Chinese and Tamil).

According to the Education Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, There want to have a ‘soft landing’ which is why there will begin only in 2012. This will allow more time to make the necessary preparations.

No matter how, it will be a good news to all and wish there will be more good news in the future.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Majlis Penutupan Gawai and 1 Malaysia talk

Poco-poco dance by Kampung Bidak dancers
Again i was joining my colleague program to Kampung Bidak at Padawan area for ceramah 1 Malaysia and Majlis Penutupan Gawai. I was successfully deliverd the talk on 1 Malaysia to the people of Kpg Bidak.... Thank u all for concentrate during my talk hope you all may understand n getting to know the concept of 1 Malaysia.
First of all, Kpg Bidak is a great village to visit with and the people of Kpg Bidak welcome all of us with a warmest great and it had the nice lanscaping around you...If i got some more free time, i would like to dropby again in the mean time.
Overall, i was very enjoy during the nite and thanks to my collegue inviting me there and to all the people of Kpg Bidak, thanks you so much for the warmest welcome, for those who love nature, do dropby Kpg Bidak if free.

Maid Tiff Issues - - Solution

During the meeting between Indonesia manpower and Trans-migration Minister Erman Suparno and Datuk Dr S. Subranmaniam, there both agree that Indonesia will resume sending its citizens to work as maids in Malaysia next month with following agreement:
> Allowing maids to hold their passports instead of the employers doing so;
> Giving maids a weekly day off;
> Requiring employers to bank in monthly pay;
> Giving adequate protection to maids from abusive employers; and
> Curbing maids from being brought into Malaysia illegally.
Anyhow, further discussions would start on July 15 and there hope that the discussion may help to solve the problem.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Talk on 1 Malaysia concept

Yeah, just get back from Kpg Bumbok for attending the Majlis Penutupan Gawai and delivered a talk on 1 Malaysia. Although i have to delevered the talk without using power point slide, but the audience is concentrate on my talk which mean there really interested to know what is 1 Malaysia as there mention that after this while just been told 1 Malaysia but the detail never know about it while some even thanks to JASA for delivering this topic to them.

In relation to this, i might more confident to delivered the same topic to other kampung in the near future.

Malaysia Boleh.... 1 Malaysia

Permohonan Biasiswa Program Izajah Galam Negara (PIDN) JPA dibuka sekarang

Permohonan Tawaran Biasiawa Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam di bawah Program Ijazah Dalam Negara (PIDN) Bagi Mengikuti Pengajian Peringkat Diploma dan Ijazah Sarjana Muda Di Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Awam (IPTA) Dan Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Swasta (IPTS) Dalam Negara Bagi Sesi 2009/2010 telah dibuka sekarang.

Permohonan dibuka kepada pelajar yang telah mendapat surat tawaran untuk melanjutkan pengajian peringkat diploma atau Ijazah sarjana muda Sesi 2009/2010 dan pelajar yang sedang mengikuti pengajian tahun 2 dan ke atas di Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Awam dan Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Swasta (Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Universiti Tenaga Malaysia Dan Universiti Multimedia sahaja) untuk mendapatkan biasiswa tajaan Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA).

Tempoh Permohonan: 27 Jun 2009 - 10 Julai 2009

Link membuat permohonan:

Friday, June 26, 2009

Maid compulsory entitle for 1 day off... Those who hire indon maid... Do u agree???

One of the agency mention that indonesia maid must entitle 1 day off over the weeks and there allowed to go anywhere without the permission from anyone.

Dear my readers, do you guys agree this policies? for me, i m strongly not agree, because many possibilities may happen for example:

1. The maid run away
2. The maid go for sexuality work
3. etc .....

So, what you say about this??? do response.

Pemimpin Bersama Rakyat

Officer with new JASA shirt

Participants that attend the program

Recently i just done one of my department program at Kenyalang Park KPCA Hall on 21 June 2009 where the program jointly organised with Saberkas Unit Kenyalang Park. This program is in conjunction for the new IPTA students gathering where attended by up to 600 participants. Here i have some advice n regard for you all.
Dear all students (Seniors and Juniors),
Congratulations for those who will be enter university. Do enjoy your university life and all the best to you in your studies and good luck to you.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

DAP wana stand at N13 Batu Kawah???

Latest new mention that DAP senior leader Chong Siew Kiang is keen to stand at DUN N13 Batu Kawah??? Do you guy think it is possible?

My dearest DAP friends, DAP is the one who complaint BN leaders all over age and dun wana step down, but, end up DAP senior leader who is aged 70++ also doing the same action that wana stand for DUN Batu Kawah during coming election against YB Tan Joo Phoi.

Mr Chong, now is the time for new blood, please give way to new face and is time for you to retired.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


青统肯雅兰园单位联合新闻,通讯及文化部,特别事务所 (JASA)主办, 全国大专升学辅导组协办将在6月21日(星期日),下午1时30分在肯联康乐中心(肯雅兰菜市场后面)举行2009年全国大专<情牵犀鸟乡>新生交流会。获得本地大专录取的新生们都可以出席,入场免费。出席的还有15所本地大专(UM, UPM, UKM, USM, UTM, UTHM, UTEM, UPSI, UUM, UNIMAP, UMK, UMP, UMT, UMS, UNIMAS)的学长们。届时,我们将会讲解大专生活的情况、如何对科系作出上诉、如何申请奖贷学金、入学应准备的事项及各项心得交流。请大家踊跃出席!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Selamat Hari Gawai, Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai

Puak Kumbu
Iban costume

27 different etnics of Dayak celebrates Gawai from1 - 2 June 2009.

First of all, i wish to take this oppurtunity to wish all my fren and those who celebrate Gawai, Selamat Hari Gawai dan do enjoy your festive season.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I m Back again... After Long journey at Batang Ai

Nice scenary at Batang Ai Dam
Journey to the Ulu Kampung ride through the Batang Ai Dam

Jetty at Batang Ai
Dear all my readers, i m very sorry that it was long time i didnt update my blog since middle of March as i was having my long period of journey to Batang Ai since middle of March.
Dear my readers, although Batang Ai is just a small town, but Batang Ai is absolutely a nice and beautiful spot to visit n holiday....Anyhow, i will try my very best to post some of my happiest moment at Batang Ai from time to time.....

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finally Out!!!!! Malcolm Mussen Candidate for N29, Batang Ai

Umno's Ismail Saffian for Bukit Gantang, MIC's S Ganesan for Bukit Selambau and PRS's Malcolm Mussen for Batang Ai - these are the three named as BN candidates for the forthcoming by-elections.

After several day of prediction, finally the name is out, The Agriculture Engineer, Malcolm Mussen had been chosen to be the candidate for N29 Batang Ai which might likely face the PKR strong leader, Nicholas Bawin..

Anyhow, we hope for the best to Batang Ai

Monday, February 23, 2009

Western Digital Kuching, Close down or NOT?????

Last few month after Western Digital announce that they decide to end the operation for Samajaya factory by the month of March and also planning to retrench up to 1500 workers in Kuching, a lot of the WD workers and their family were worried on it as their life will become harder and harder. But till now, the high management of WD still not yet announce the latest status of the company and the compensation plan although March is around the corner.

The problem is, quite a few numbers of staff estimated the company will end by March and they already been offer new job which will start by the month of March. Since WD still not implement any package for retrenchment, therefore, those who going to join the new company have to tender their resignation with 1 month notice and end up have to pay back to the company as compensation for the 1 month notice.

As we know, those workers who been offer new job might headache to choose either to join new company or stay back at WD because there is 2 choice and risk:

1. Join new company = pay compensation to WD for the 1 month notice
2. Stay back at WD and reject new job = worried WD not stable and end up jobless

Anyhow, really hope that the high management of WD can sooner announce their plan so that the workers can make their choice easily.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kempen Bumi Hijau Phase II

Part of the fruit trees plant by JASA farmer...Hehe
Scenery for the fruit trees

Yeah, two days ago just being inform that we are going to lauching the Kempen Bumi Hijau Phase II by 19 Feb 2009. Oh my gosh, i noticed that our department have to plant 10 Dragon fruits, 6 Papaya trees, 3 Rambutan, Mango, Nangka and Ciku trees each which mean we need to fill up total of 28 big hole with soils as on Monday, we only manage to settle 6 holes within 2 hours.

Early of 8am with a casual wear, without breakfast and i drove all my way to Filem Negara Malaysia. Since we still have a lot of holes to fill up, so, we try our very best to settle it down as the launching ceremony will start by 9am.

Yeah, after whole day hardwork for our JASA own plantation, is really tired but we are very enjoy and happy with it. Why? hehe, For me, the happier moment that we enjoy it for the whole day is exactly come from the co-operation and hardworkship from all the JASA farmer that involve for the Kempen Bumi Hijau. Anyhow, i really hope that the fruits tress will grow faster and if possible, next year we may able to harvest some fruit from our JASA own plantation.

Last, well done all JASA farmer and do always remember this: "Save our environment, save our world".

Do you like this kind of YB???

Is this the YB we need?
Is this YB N.9 Padungan or who else????
Yeah, last 2 weeks when i co-incidently passby Macdougall Rd nearby Fata Hotel, i saw our Padungan YB with a few supporter holding a banner and banting at roadside for the purpose to show their voice to our Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Patinggi Najib during his visit to St Thomas school. Do you people think this is the right way to do so?
My dearest YB, as we all know, Macdougall Rd is the area that passing by a lot of tourist from all over the world, with the action done by PKR, it will totally spoil the image of Kuching, Sarawak - a place like no others and might indirectly affect our tourism industry. Therefore,please say DON'T to this action anymore......

I m Back!!!

Dear my readers,

It almost 1 month i didnt left any news, info, messages here since the first day of Chinese New Year, sorry about that, it because i having my CNY holiday at JB where i dun have computer to update my blog.

Right after i get back kuching, so many task pending for me to settle and as we all know, weather also not good, so, i was fall sick that time. Therefore, no energy and no mood to update the blog. Sorry for that and please forgive me.

Yeah, now i m back and i will arrange sometime to update more news here from time to time, so, do visit my blog more often yeah.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Ox Year 2009!!!

Dear my readers,
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all Happy Golden Bullish Year and Gong Xi Fa Chai.
May the new year of Golden Ox bring wealth, prosperity, health & good luck to you all.
For those who celebrates Chinese New Year, do enjoy the new year and visit as much as relatives house that u able to and for those who not celebrates this occasion, do enjoy your holidays and have a nice day.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Economic down trend...Chinese New Year this year not happening compare to previous year.

Above 2 photo: CNY - 6 more days to go, CNY stalls still empty

Bullist year = Silent year?

My dearest readers and friends, 6 more days to go is the celebration for all chinese around the world - yeah, that is Chinese New Year. But surrounding town area in kuching still seem silent and not that happening. What had happened to this year? no bonus? retrenchment? economic down?However, from the past few year, 1 month ago before the celebration, most of the chinese new year stall, shopping complexes, supermarkets were very crowded where lot of people busy shop for the goods and cloth.
I was surprised with the coming CNY trend whelter if my view is wrong! Therefore, i spend some of my time and interviewed some of the stalls at Kenyalang Park. According to them, absolutely my view is true and their business is exactly non-profitable for this year and the stall owners added that althought this is the last week to shop for CNY goods, but the crowd still not happening compare to previous years (refer to picture).

Therefore, CNY this year might not that enjoy compare to before and we really hope that economic will get back to normal soon so that everyone of us will enjoy our life. Good Luck to all!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh my gosh, my house almost flooded...

After several days continuous raining and king tide for the month, plenty place in Sarawak area were seriously flooded as well as my housing area where it never happen for the past 15 years since i move here.

Thanks god, as we know that yesterday (Monday) is the highest tide for the month, luckily the rain stop on that day and my house still safe from flood where if water level get up to 1-2 inch higher, i will be on trouble.

However, it really pity to those who stay at Stapok, Sg. Maong, Bau, Siniawan, Petra Jaya and even those shop at Main Bazaar, India street, Ang Cheng Ho, Padungan, Bintawa where the shop n house all fully filled with water and some more chinese new year is around the corner, therefore, it may bring a lot of trouble to them.

According to Meteorology Department, this disaster will return again on 3rd days of Chinese New Year, which may bring more trouble to us. Therefore, we really hope that all this will not happen again so that all chinese can happily enjoy their festive season.

The real KFC Zinger Tower vs KFC Zinger Tower from picture

Zinger Tower burger that we view from poster
The real Zinger Tower burger at KFC Satok area

My dearest readers, here again i would like to comment something about KFC Zinger Tower Burger and the service provided by the waitress there.
The story begin like this, yesterday afternoon me and friend hunting for lunch at coffee shop, but the shop was not open and end up target KFC. This is the worse KFC i ever get in as the service here is dammed lousy where all the waitress were not friendly at all and some even rude to customer. I remember when we ask for more chili sauce, we even get scolded.
The another thing that make me fed up is the Zinger tower burger which cost around RM7.39 plus service charges. It look very nice n huge from picture, but once i got my real zinger tower burger, it damms small and totally different from what i view from the picture. How it happen my? Please explain!!!
Regarding the lousy service, my dearest KFC Satok, please try to educate your waiter and waitress to be more friendly and dont so rude to customer again in the future. Please be remind that we are paying for the service charge, so, we need to get a good service as return.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Government (Pakatan Rakyat) in Sarawak...Never Become True!!!!!!!!!!!

PKR Dinner at Kuching

During the recent PKR Dinner at kuching, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and others member of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) mentioned that there want to form new government (Government under Pakatan Rakyat) in Sarawak for the coming Sarawak Dewan Undangan Negeri election and keep mention <> this words at that night.
Mr dearest readers, do you think Pakatan Rakyat manage to win more than half of the 71 ADUN seat in Sarawak for the coming DUN election? Its IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! My dear DSAI, this dream will never come true, Sarawak will continue belong to Barisan Nasional now and forever.
Another thing i would like to comment here regarding compromise between DAP and PKR leaders in Sarawak. According to YB Dominique Ng who was the organising chairman for the dinner, he did mention that PKR did invite leaders from DAP to attend the dinner but none of the DAP leaders turn out for the dinners. However when media get response from YB Chong Chieng Jen, he comment that the real story was none of them got the invitation from PKR.
Oh my gosh, my dear DAP and PKR, how to form New Government (Pakatan Rakyat) at Sarawak??? Is IMPOSSIBLE since both of you were not co-operate to each other all this while, so, it will be better Sarawak Government leave it to Barisan Nasional and Pakatn Rakyat continue to be opposition.

PKR Dinner, is not fair at all, Pay RM30 end up free seating while some pay RM30 were allocate seat. It Parti Keadilan, tapi langsung tak ADIL

The worse dinner i ever join. Pay Rm30 end up free seating like this.

Sample of the ticket that i pay for RM30

Pay Rm30 only given simple buffet dinner of 4 dishes (Fried rice, fried mee, curry chicken and spring meat roll)

Its UNFAIR...Some paying Rm30 seat is arranged

At first very happy to get ticket to join the PKR Dinner at Kuching on 9 Jan 2009 where i had the chances to meet Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for the first time. But once knowing that my ticket is free seating where only serve with buffet dinner eventhough i pay the same amount compare to those whose seat is arrange, i m really sad and angry of what PKR doing, is UNFAIR for those who bought ticket which cost RM30 but end up free seating. The reason given by PKR orgaising member is the venue too small and not able to accomodate up to 500 tables, therefore, half of the publics were force to take buffet dinner.
Since is free seating and noticed that buffet dinner is served, that is fine as well, but, the 4 dishes served for the buffet dinner realy damm cheap food and it really not worth to our ticket price where it seem like only cost Rm10 per pax for the buffet dinner.
My dearest PKR member, i believe this dinner may earn a lot of money by cheating. Please dont keep all those money to your own pocket but please allocate to those who really need it especially to SMK Kuching High.

Nothing Surprise at PKR Dinner, is only handling over 3000 application form from previous PRS member

Handling over of application form from ex-PRS member to DSAI

Jimmy Donald hand over application form to DSAI during the PKR Dinner

Two days before the Dinner of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) at Kuching, the Organising Chairman , YB Dominique Ng Kim Ho ever mentioned in the press conference that there are several surprise will be announced during the dinner of PKR in Kuching where the main surprise that we waiting for was there will be another ADUN from Barisan Nasional to join PKR.
However, after whole night waiting and fully concentrate for the dinner, nothing surprise been announce by the master of ceremony or leaders of PKR. The only surprise is handling over of 3000 application form from ex-Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) party member to joined PKR by ex-Sri Aman Member of Parliament, Jimmy Donald to YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
My dear PKR member, if you not able to bring any of the ADUN of Barisan nasional to join PKR, better dont make any promise. sarawk will still belong to Barisan Nasional, we all say NO to PKR. Sarawak Boleh!!!!

一人一块砖,母校见曙光 Fund Raising Dinner for SMK Kuching High by Highian Students Fellowships

Dinner organise by Ex-Highian for the purpose to raise fund for SMK Kuching High

Fund raising for the purpose to build new Science Lab and Administration Office that on fire by 2 December 2008
Up to 700 ex-Highians and even publics sincerely joined the dinner to help their school.
On 2 December 2008, SMK Kuching High was on fired where juniors science laboratory and administration office was seriously damaged as shown in the picture above.
As we know, since the school is seriously damaged, it may need a large amount of budget to rebuilt the collapse block. Therefore, the management of SMK Kuching High is working hard to raise fund for the school especially from Government and publics.
After attend the above dinner which held at stampin last saturday night by ex-highian fellowship, i m so touch with all those ex-highians who were putting up their hardwork to make the dinner success while for those who join the dinner, there sincerely make a donation for the school eventhough there had spend some money for the dinner ticket.
However, i would like to write some of my comment to our DAP or PKR Member of Parliament, YB Chong Chieng Jen and ADUN YB Dominique Ng Kim Ho, both of you are the representative for Bandar Kuching and Padungan, why PKR and DAP didnt make a single cent of donation to SMK Kuching High even though i believe DAP and PKR may gain a lot profit from DAP 30th Anniversary Dinner and PKR Dinner recently. Why??? My dearest YB Chong and YB Dominique, please make an action and better dont keep talking n do nothing. It seem the publics is more better than both of you who sincerely donate for the school but both of you are not.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Reminder: Please use seat belt for BACK SEATER!!!

Dear all,

Today is 1 Jan 2009, i believe a lots road block done by Police today for the purpose to check if back seater use their seat belt. Else, compound will be issued to the driver...

So, please be remind that if you dont wana "SAMAN" by police, do check your back seater if there wear the seat belt.


Happy New Year 2009 & Happy Golden Bullist Year

Dear all my friend, Happy New Year to you all!!!!!!!

May the year of 2009 bring wealth, prosperity & health with lots of goodies & Good Luck to you all.

Best wishes to you all in year 2009