Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The real KFC Zinger Tower vs KFC Zinger Tower from picture

Zinger Tower burger that we view from poster
The real Zinger Tower burger at KFC Satok area

My dearest readers, here again i would like to comment something about KFC Zinger Tower Burger and the service provided by the waitress there.
The story begin like this, yesterday afternoon me and friend hunting for lunch at coffee shop, but the shop was not open and end up target KFC. This is the worse KFC i ever get in as the service here is dammed lousy where all the waitress were not friendly at all and some even rude to customer. I remember when we ask for more chili sauce, we even get scolded.
The another thing that make me fed up is the Zinger tower burger which cost around RM7.39 plus service charges. It look very nice n huge from picture, but once i got my real zinger tower burger, it damms small and totally different from what i view from the picture. How it happen my? Please explain!!!
Regarding the lousy service, my dearest KFC Satok, please try to educate your waiter and waitress to be more friendly and dont so rude to customer again in the future. Please be remind that we are paying for the service charge, so, we need to get a good service as return.


slbong said...

luckily i din go eat KFC Zinger Towel yet.....save my 6.50

!!HcLaI @ cHoI!! said...

yaya, u r right. is totally different. Picture look really nice.but actually is almost the same like normal zinger burger.