Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh my gosh, my house almost flooded...

After several days continuous raining and king tide for the month, plenty place in Sarawak area were seriously flooded as well as my housing area where it never happen for the past 15 years since i move here.

Thanks god, as we know that yesterday (Monday) is the highest tide for the month, luckily the rain stop on that day and my house still safe from flood where if water level get up to 1-2 inch higher, i will be on trouble.

However, it really pity to those who stay at Stapok, Sg. Maong, Bau, Siniawan, Petra Jaya and even those shop at Main Bazaar, India street, Ang Cheng Ho, Padungan, Bintawa where the shop n house all fully filled with water and some more chinese new year is around the corner, therefore, it may bring a lot of trouble to them.

According to Meteorology Department, this disaster will return again on 3rd days of Chinese New Year, which may bring more trouble to us. Therefore, we really hope that all this will not happen again so that all chinese can happily enjoy their festive season.

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