Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bad Experience Travel with Airasia

Last week, i went to Johor Bharu and Singapore for a short visit at JB and Singapore together with my parents and my aunty. The trip was nice and smooth where i enjoy it very much.

Long time i was not in JB and Singapore where my last visit was 4 years ago during my convocation at UTM. My comment to Johor Bharu during my recent trip is Johor Bharu totally changed to a new look and well develop in term of infrastructure, facilities and development. This is because the gateway of southern - State of Johor was still ruling by the Barisan Nasional Government that we all knowing that only Barisan Nasional can bring the development for the state.

My story not end here, although i enjoy my trip very much at JB and Singapore, but i faced with a bad experience with Airasia when i check in. Actually, i do have pre book luggage handling fees for 3 luggages under my name that recommended by Kuching Airport Sales Officers. However, we are group of 4pax under two different booking number (my booking got 3 pax and another booking got 1 pax) were we might allocate for 60kg for luggages. But, the three luggages was 48kg which mention by the officers that it is over weight although we are travel 4 pax, so, i was force to pay either RM45 for 3kg overweight charge or Rm10 for another booking luggages handling fees. (Dear my readers, this scenario never happen in Kuching Airport check in counter and my pre booked luggages handling fees all under my name also recommended by the officer in-charge at Kuching). Why i am so sad? It is because the officer very rude to me and never listen to my explanation.... Airasia, please look into this probelm, if continuous happen to passenger, i m sure once there is new budget airlines get in Malaysia, Airasia will not be a 1st choice anymore. Or, we better travel with traditional airlines, Malaysia Airlines.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Finish your SPM? Still unsure for your future? Study? Working?

If you faced any of the problem above, here there is a path for you to go, it is a technical training and obtain your Certificates or Diploma on the same time at Institut Kemahiran Belia Negara (IKBN) that established by Ministry of Youth and Sport.

Several courses offered by IKBN namely (automotive, electrical and electronic, metal industry, multimedia, fashion, IT, hospitality, air conditional, architecture etc) had been offered by 16 IKBN throughout Malaysia where all the fees is subsidize by Malaysia Government and those who successfully being offered no need to pay any single sens while still been paid for allowances every month.

So, for those who interested or you have any brothers, sisters, student, cousins or friends that still struggling on further thier technical training, IKBN may help you. Closing date by 24 OCTOBER 2008 and for more info, please visit to

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Malaysia Airlines OR Air Asia

The common advertisement in the newspaper that we able to find most of the time is RM0 fare either from Malaysia Airlines or Airasia where both of the airlines were keep doing promotion for RM 0 fare or LOW fare. Dear all my reader, what type of airlines will you choose when you plan to travel either to local or oversea? Let me do a simple analysis between Malaysia Airlines and Airasia.

For Malaysia Airlines, recently, the management of Malaysia Airlines had announce that all the fare of Malaysia Airlines flight only charge TICKET FARE and AIRPORT TAXES and no more fuel surcharge, or administration fees during this promotion periods. It means if we book Malaysia Airlines ticket from KCH to KL (RETURN TRIP), we only need to pay RM206 while Airasia charges is RM 182 (excluded Luggage Handling fees).

To all my reader, Malaysia Airlines luggage limit is 20kg (RM 4 per kilo charges applied if overweight) while Airasia luggage limit is 15kg (RM15 per kilo charges applied if overweight) . However, for Airasia, each of the luggage have to pay handling fees of RM10 if pay on the spot during check-in.

In addition, Seat for Malaysia Airlines is arranged while Airasia is free seating. Therefore, if we travel in a big group and wana sit together in the flight while boarding Airasia, another fees that we need to pay, that is Express Boarding which cost RM 25 per passenger.


Ah Meng going to KL on 27 February 2009 from Kuching and return by 3 March 2009 where he compare both airlines ticket price. He will be going to bring 4 luggages with total weight of 19.9kg and he like to get walk way seat while on board.

Charges if he took Malaysia Airlines

RM206.00 all included

Charges if he took Airasia

Ticket fares : RM 182.00
4 luggages : RM 5 x 4 luggages x 2 (Return) = RM 40.00
Overweight charge : RM 15 x 5kg x 2 (Return) = RM150.00
Express boarding for walk way seat x 2 (Return) : RM50
Total charges: RM 422.00

So, ladies and gentlement, during this difficulties period, please look into consideration on this matter while searching for flight ticket. I believe, if u travel within a big group of family or bringing plenty of luggages, Malaysia Airlines is the great choice n more comfortable.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

MCA Party election result finally out

After several weeks starting from nomination, campaign and party election, result finally out by yesterday where the MCA President post won by former Transport Minister, Datuk Ong Tee Keat who beat Datuk Chua Jui Meng with 512 votes majority and become MCA No:1 . However, unpredictable, Datuk Chua Soi Lek become MCA No:2 after won the Deputy President of MCA with a simple majority of 114 votes beat former Housing and Local Goverment Minister and Former Secretary General of MCA, Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan, Vice President, Datuk Lim Siang Chai and Pengkalan Kota Assemblyment, Lee Haik Teik.

However, for the MCA Vice-President post, it was won by Datuk Ng Yen Yen who become the 1st women that hold the vice president of MCA, Health Minister, Datuk Liow Tiong Lai, Datuk Kong Cho Ha, and Tan Yi@ Tan Kok Hong.

Congratulation to those who won in the party election and we hope that the new faces of MCA will bring more good news and fight more benefits for the community of chinese. Also, we hope that all the elected MCA leaders will work together as a team for the future of MCA and the most important, must fulfilled all the promise that voiced during the campaign.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Petrol reduce again.....

Good news again from our government again on the petrol price as the petrol prices were reduced around 10 sen to 20 sen starting by today.

RON 97 petrol is reduced by 15sen to RM2.30; RON 92 petrol is reduced by 10sen to RM2.20; and diesel is reduced by 20sen to RM2.20. Although we understand that reduce of 15 sen is still little compare to the increased of 70 sen by several month ago, but we must be patient and we hope for the good news again for next month.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Coastal Modern Rapid Railway System (RRS) in Sarawak

A great development for Sarawak for the next 8 years as mention by our Chief Minister, Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud yesterday that A modern Rapid Railway System (RRS) will be built within the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) within the next seven years.

He said the proposed railway, which will be the state’s first, would most likely stretch from the proposed Samalaju Port to Igan for a start and the next government’s plan is to have it all the way from Samalaju to Tanjung Manis by 2030.

Proposal to built up the RRS in the central region may benefit the SCORE project and also the Tanjung Manis Halal Hub because the industry needs a fast form of transportation of the raw materials, as well as the finished products, from the industry to the port and vice versa. Anyhow, we hope this project may successfully plan.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Amazing Langkawi Island

Penguins that may able to see at Underwater World Langkawi

Huge fish getting lesser compare to my previous visit 5 years ago

Langkawi Kuah Town

Amazing sunset scene that i able to capture during my ferry trip back to Penang

Nature lover, Photography lover, dun miss the sunset in Langkawi

9 month ago, i bought a Airasia ticket (for me, my dad n mum) from Kuching to JB for the purpose to help my brother move in to new house, but, tentatively change and causing all my Rm0 fares ticket useless...sound like a bit wasted. Since there got the air ticket, so, i just apply leave and plan for my journey from JB to the north....

Throughout the journey, i spend plenty of my time in the long distance bus. Once arrive at Sultan Ismail Airport, JB, immediately i rush to bus station to catch for the Express Bus to Kuala Perlis (the gateway to Langkawi Island). The journey which took me 13 hours plus 45 minutes of ferry ride is tired but fun..

My purpose to Langkawi not for enjoy, but my first thing to do there is looking for Minyak Gamat that very well known among malays and chinese community. I bought this because the Minyak Gamat is good for those who got pain at their muscles etc....

Since the time still early to catch a ferry by 5:15pm to Penang, so, i drop by at underwater world langkawi to enjoy watching the fish and penguin that my last visit to Langkawi 5 years ago still dont have. Wonderful, the penguin is cute but a bit dissapointed that the huge fish that i watched before was no more there and only left a few. Heard that it might probrably due to the previous cases where the water get in to aquarium was contaminated. Pity to all the lovely fish.

Another amazing thing about Langkawi is the sunset scenario... great (as showed above) and wonderful. there must a lot couple wish to view the scene together during sunset very much. Actually, there still plenty of place to visit in Langkawi (namely cable car, telaga tujuh, pulau dayang bunting, pulau payar, pulau beras basah, pantai hitam, pantai cenang, makam mahsuri, beras terbakar etc...., just my time is not allowable, so, i i have to make a move to penang n board the next morning bus to JB before i went bek to kuching at from JB.

This trip was tired, but is really fun. although this is my 3rd time to Langkawi, but i still sense that the food there is nice and delicious..and to all my readers, either from Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Korea, germany, US or Spain, if there is any free time, welcome to our lovely n small town of Pulau Langkawi. welcome to Langkawi.

Time fly very fast........huh, my short trip is ended by 9 Oct 2008 and it leave plenty of sweet memories .....hehe, anyhow, i enjoy the trip very much.....

Monday, October 6, 2008

From time to time, why people start to withdraw Streamyx n install Celcom Broadband

Dear all readers, any comment on recent streamyx services? Why i found that recently, plenty of business unit and offices start to withdraw streamyx and start to use celcom broadband as previously Streamyx was very popular among all these parties.... What had happen to our streamyx?
Frankly speaking, i personally encounter this problem where i m using streamyx and it was fail to connect since 1 week ago, for making a complaint, i call TM no: 100 and connect to streamyx service, but almost 1 weeks i fail to connect to streamyx operator and end up i making a complaint to TM where TM operator promise will send my complaint via email to streamyx, but after waiting for 5 days, my complaint was not entertained at all, where are you going, my dearest streamyx operator .....
It was sad and i call again today and it able to connect but nobody answer the call until several time i call, just manage to get the operator....sigh....i m wondering what had happen to streamyx? Do there dont have enough budget to recruit more customer service officer as every month we are paying them?
Dear my readers, after encounter all this thing, i just realise that why plenty of offices start to move to use celcom broadband and i hope that streamyx may take initiative to improve your service... Else, the world of wireless may belong to other operator.
In addition, because of all this problem, it cause me not able to update my blog more often....