Monday, October 6, 2008

From time to time, why people start to withdraw Streamyx n install Celcom Broadband

Dear all readers, any comment on recent streamyx services? Why i found that recently, plenty of business unit and offices start to withdraw streamyx and start to use celcom broadband as previously Streamyx was very popular among all these parties.... What had happen to our streamyx?
Frankly speaking, i personally encounter this problem where i m using streamyx and it was fail to connect since 1 week ago, for making a complaint, i call TM no: 100 and connect to streamyx service, but almost 1 weeks i fail to connect to streamyx operator and end up i making a complaint to TM where TM operator promise will send my complaint via email to streamyx, but after waiting for 5 days, my complaint was not entertained at all, where are you going, my dearest streamyx operator .....
It was sad and i call again today and it able to connect but nobody answer the call until several time i call, just manage to get the operator....sigh....i m wondering what had happen to streamyx? Do there dont have enough budget to recruit more customer service officer as every month we are paying them?
Dear my readers, after encounter all this thing, i just realise that why plenty of offices start to move to use celcom broadband and i hope that streamyx may take initiative to improve your service... Else, the world of wireless may belong to other operator.
In addition, because of all this problem, it cause me not able to update my blog more often....

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