Monday, October 13, 2008

Amazing Langkawi Island

Penguins that may able to see at Underwater World Langkawi

Huge fish getting lesser compare to my previous visit 5 years ago

Langkawi Kuah Town

Amazing sunset scene that i able to capture during my ferry trip back to Penang

Nature lover, Photography lover, dun miss the sunset in Langkawi

9 month ago, i bought a Airasia ticket (for me, my dad n mum) from Kuching to JB for the purpose to help my brother move in to new house, but, tentatively change and causing all my Rm0 fares ticket useless...sound like a bit wasted. Since there got the air ticket, so, i just apply leave and plan for my journey from JB to the north....

Throughout the journey, i spend plenty of my time in the long distance bus. Once arrive at Sultan Ismail Airport, JB, immediately i rush to bus station to catch for the Express Bus to Kuala Perlis (the gateway to Langkawi Island). The journey which took me 13 hours plus 45 minutes of ferry ride is tired but fun..

My purpose to Langkawi not for enjoy, but my first thing to do there is looking for Minyak Gamat that very well known among malays and chinese community. I bought this because the Minyak Gamat is good for those who got pain at their muscles etc....

Since the time still early to catch a ferry by 5:15pm to Penang, so, i drop by at underwater world langkawi to enjoy watching the fish and penguin that my last visit to Langkawi 5 years ago still dont have. Wonderful, the penguin is cute but a bit dissapointed that the huge fish that i watched before was no more there and only left a few. Heard that it might probrably due to the previous cases where the water get in to aquarium was contaminated. Pity to all the lovely fish.

Another amazing thing about Langkawi is the sunset scenario... great (as showed above) and wonderful. there must a lot couple wish to view the scene together during sunset very much. Actually, there still plenty of place to visit in Langkawi (namely cable car, telaga tujuh, pulau dayang bunting, pulau payar, pulau beras basah, pantai hitam, pantai cenang, makam mahsuri, beras terbakar etc...., just my time is not allowable, so, i i have to make a move to penang n board the next morning bus to JB before i went bek to kuching at from JB.

This trip was tired, but is really fun. although this is my 3rd time to Langkawi, but i still sense that the food there is nice and delicious..and to all my readers, either from Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Korea, germany, US or Spain, if there is any free time, welcome to our lovely n small town of Pulau Langkawi. welcome to Langkawi.

Time fly very fast........huh, my short trip is ended by 9 Oct 2008 and it leave plenty of sweet memories .....hehe, anyhow, i enjoy the trip very much.....

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