Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Malaysia Airlines OR Air Asia

The common advertisement in the newspaper that we able to find most of the time is RM0 fare either from Malaysia Airlines or Airasia where both of the airlines were keep doing promotion for RM 0 fare or LOW fare. Dear all my reader, what type of airlines will you choose when you plan to travel either to local or oversea? Let me do a simple analysis between Malaysia Airlines and Airasia.

For Malaysia Airlines, recently, the management of Malaysia Airlines had announce that all the fare of Malaysia Airlines flight only charge TICKET FARE and AIRPORT TAXES and no more fuel surcharge, or administration fees during this promotion periods. It means if we book Malaysia Airlines ticket from KCH to KL (RETURN TRIP), we only need to pay RM206 while Airasia charges is RM 182 (excluded Luggage Handling fees).

To all my reader, Malaysia Airlines luggage limit is 20kg (RM 4 per kilo charges applied if overweight) while Airasia luggage limit is 15kg (RM15 per kilo charges applied if overweight) . However, for Airasia, each of the luggage have to pay handling fees of RM10 if pay on the spot during check-in.

In addition, Seat for Malaysia Airlines is arranged while Airasia is free seating. Therefore, if we travel in a big group and wana sit together in the flight while boarding Airasia, another fees that we need to pay, that is Express Boarding which cost RM 25 per passenger.


Ah Meng going to KL on 27 February 2009 from Kuching and return by 3 March 2009 where he compare both airlines ticket price. He will be going to bring 4 luggages with total weight of 19.9kg and he like to get walk way seat while on board.

Charges if he took Malaysia Airlines

RM206.00 all included

Charges if he took Airasia

Ticket fares : RM 182.00
4 luggages : RM 5 x 4 luggages x 2 (Return) = RM 40.00
Overweight charge : RM 15 x 5kg x 2 (Return) = RM150.00
Express boarding for walk way seat x 2 (Return) : RM50
Total charges: RM 422.00

So, ladies and gentlement, during this difficulties period, please look into consideration on this matter while searching for flight ticket. I believe, if u travel within a big group of family or bringing plenty of luggages, Malaysia Airlines is the great choice n more comfortable.


Sham said...

This is simply not a fair represenation and mimicks MAS' current misleading promo where they compare their limited promo fare to AirAsia's regular fare on a Friday in peak period. Also it is untrue that MAS have eliminated their surcharges they are simply advertising with those included, they still exist. Check out Kuching to Kl now for travel on 30th Oct. MAS RM349 AirAsia RM161.50 including all mandatory charges. It's up to you if you want to bring a bag, eat or board first. If you don't want any of these you don't have to pay for them unlike with MAS where you are subsidising all their so called 'frills' through higher fares.

Mohd said...

yeah, the fare comparison was rubbish! i got excited when i saw the fares MAS was offering but then i couldn't get a single seat of their advertised fares off their web site. i wasn't a huge airasia fan, but they're really got their act together recently with their new planes. and with them at least you do get to buy tickets at their advertised fares!

mei said...

Still I think the point being stressed here is MAS being the first airline in Malaysia to be transparent by tell all in their promo ads so that you know what you are paying for upfront.