Sunday, January 11, 2009

一人一块砖,母校见曙光 Fund Raising Dinner for SMK Kuching High by Highian Students Fellowships

Dinner organise by Ex-Highian for the purpose to raise fund for SMK Kuching High

Fund raising for the purpose to build new Science Lab and Administration Office that on fire by 2 December 2008
Up to 700 ex-Highians and even publics sincerely joined the dinner to help their school.
On 2 December 2008, SMK Kuching High was on fired where juniors science laboratory and administration office was seriously damaged as shown in the picture above.
As we know, since the school is seriously damaged, it may need a large amount of budget to rebuilt the collapse block. Therefore, the management of SMK Kuching High is working hard to raise fund for the school especially from Government and publics.
After attend the above dinner which held at stampin last saturday night by ex-highian fellowship, i m so touch with all those ex-highians who were putting up their hardwork to make the dinner success while for those who join the dinner, there sincerely make a donation for the school eventhough there had spend some money for the dinner ticket.
However, i would like to write some of my comment to our DAP or PKR Member of Parliament, YB Chong Chieng Jen and ADUN YB Dominique Ng Kim Ho, both of you are the representative for Bandar Kuching and Padungan, why PKR and DAP didnt make a single cent of donation to SMK Kuching High even though i believe DAP and PKR may gain a lot profit from DAP 30th Anniversary Dinner and PKR Dinner recently. Why??? My dearest YB Chong and YB Dominique, please make an action and better dont keep talking n do nothing. It seem the publics is more better than both of you who sincerely donate for the school but both of you are not.

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