Sunday, January 11, 2009

PKR Dinner, is not fair at all, Pay RM30 end up free seating while some pay RM30 were allocate seat. It Parti Keadilan, tapi langsung tak ADIL

The worse dinner i ever join. Pay Rm30 end up free seating like this.

Sample of the ticket that i pay for RM30

Pay Rm30 only given simple buffet dinner of 4 dishes (Fried rice, fried mee, curry chicken and spring meat roll)

Its UNFAIR...Some paying Rm30 seat is arranged

At first very happy to get ticket to join the PKR Dinner at Kuching on 9 Jan 2009 where i had the chances to meet Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for the first time. But once knowing that my ticket is free seating where only serve with buffet dinner eventhough i pay the same amount compare to those whose seat is arrange, i m really sad and angry of what PKR doing, is UNFAIR for those who bought ticket which cost RM30 but end up free seating. The reason given by PKR orgaising member is the venue too small and not able to accomodate up to 500 tables, therefore, half of the publics were force to take buffet dinner.
Since is free seating and noticed that buffet dinner is served, that is fine as well, but, the 4 dishes served for the buffet dinner realy damm cheap food and it really not worth to our ticket price where it seem like only cost Rm10 per pax for the buffet dinner.
My dearest PKR member, i believe this dinner may earn a lot of money by cheating. Please dont keep all those money to your own pocket but please allocate to those who really need it especially to SMK Kuching High.

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