Monday, February 23, 2009

Western Digital Kuching, Close down or NOT?????

Last few month after Western Digital announce that they decide to end the operation for Samajaya factory by the month of March and also planning to retrench up to 1500 workers in Kuching, a lot of the WD workers and their family were worried on it as their life will become harder and harder. But till now, the high management of WD still not yet announce the latest status of the company and the compensation plan although March is around the corner.

The problem is, quite a few numbers of staff estimated the company will end by March and they already been offer new job which will start by the month of March. Since WD still not implement any package for retrenchment, therefore, those who going to join the new company have to tender their resignation with 1 month notice and end up have to pay back to the company as compensation for the 1 month notice.

As we know, those workers who been offer new job might headache to choose either to join new company or stay back at WD because there is 2 choice and risk:

1. Join new company = pay compensation to WD for the 1 month notice
2. Stay back at WD and reject new job = worried WD not stable and end up jobless

Anyhow, really hope that the high management of WD can sooner announce their plan so that the workers can make their choice easily.

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