Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kempen Bumi Hijau Phase II

Part of the fruit trees plant by JASA farmer...Hehe
Scenery for the fruit trees

Yeah, two days ago just being inform that we are going to lauching the Kempen Bumi Hijau Phase II by 19 Feb 2009. Oh my gosh, i noticed that our department have to plant 10 Dragon fruits, 6 Papaya trees, 3 Rambutan, Mango, Nangka and Ciku trees each which mean we need to fill up total of 28 big hole with soils as on Monday, we only manage to settle 6 holes within 2 hours.

Early of 8am with a casual wear, without breakfast and i drove all my way to Filem Negara Malaysia. Since we still have a lot of holes to fill up, so, we try our very best to settle it down as the launching ceremony will start by 9am.

Yeah, after whole day hardwork for our JASA own plantation, is really tired but we are very enjoy and happy with it. Why? hehe, For me, the happier moment that we enjoy it for the whole day is exactly come from the co-operation and hardworkship from all the JASA farmer that involve for the Kempen Bumi Hijau. Anyhow, i really hope that the fruits tress will grow faster and if possible, next year we may able to harvest some fruit from our JASA own plantation.

Last, well done all JASA farmer and do always remember this: "Save our environment, save our world".

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