Monday, July 20, 2009

Delivered talk on 1 Malaysia at Kampung Sega

Received Souvenir from Ketua Kaum Kpg Sega
Participants who attend the function at Kpg Sega

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Again i was invited by my colleague to delivered a talk on 1 Malaysia at Kpg Sega @ 18 Julai 2009 by 2pm and the program continue untill 12am for the 1st aniversary of Biro Wanita Kpg Sega.
2 speakers from JASA ( me and My bos) were delivered a talk on 1 Malaysia and Role of Parent on Kids Education respectively. I do enjoy deliverd a talk to the people of Kpg Sega because there are absolutely concentrate on my talk although the weather very hot and if for me, i might fall asleep. Thanks you people of Kpg Sega.... We are 1 Malaysia...
for those still not very sure on 1 Malaysia, do take some times visit

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