Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sibu Updates: 5 Mei 2010

Busy day again for me at Sibu and i believe is a busy day for both Party DAP and SUPP in Sibu for the war...

Visiting several place today to Sungai Merah, taste the nicest coffee in Sarawak, bought the best "KONG PIAH" at Sg. Merah... Yummy.. is really nice, i like it very much..

My dearest readers, i m not only the 1 who mention Choon Seng Coffee is nice but our lovely PM Datuk Seri Najid also mentioned that. Those wo visit to Sibu, do pay a visit to Sg Merah n taste the coffee. Sure you will like it.

More to politic, meet several area at Sg. Merah, rakyat there very happy with the visit of our PM to the area. Hopefully more good news will bring to Sg. Merah area.

People here always need the help from BN and not DAP who just talk but do nothing....We must support BN candidates and say no to DAP candidates who keep talk but do nothing.