Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sibu Updates: My day in sibu

After several day in sibu, i just got my free time to sit down and write my blog here.

Sibu still not crowd for the moment and everythg is still smooth. Both party still on the progress preparing for the by-election and planning for their strategy for the time being.

Some photo i would like to show u guys about bukit assek where after several years (4 years) Wong Ho Leng from DAP as ADUN, bukit assek isues as promised still not sttle...

How can u be the MP for sibu where small matter like bukit assek you cant settle?

Let me capture the picture and show you guys tomorow.


AWANG said...

Looking forward for the photos .

fatamorgana said...

as usual...No Action Talk Only.

JomoSamaTuaran said...

Hahaha...fatamorgana, give our friend here a breaklah... still `pening' after `pusing-pusing' at HS that day. But, it's true lah, where is the pictures... the new HP not workingkah my friend???