Wednesday, September 24, 2008

924.... not a lucky day for Mr. Kho Whai Piaw

924, is the day where election court will be going to conclude the Bandar Kuching Parlimentary election petition that filed by Mr. Kho Whai Piaw against YB Chong. In the early morning around 8:55am, the lobby of the election court was crowded with reporters and both parties supporter. This can be see that how much the people from Bandar Kuching concern on the petition case.

Around 11:30am, the Election Court here has dismissed with costs a petition to nullify the election of DAP’s Chong Chieng Jen in the Bandar Kuching parliamentary constituency.

Election judge Datuk Clement Skinner said the petition, filed by voter Kho Whai Phiaw on April 28, failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt the allegation that Chong had engaged in the corrupt practice of undue influence and bribery in the run-up to the election.

However, after the judgement of the Bandar Kuching election petition, me and several reporters manage to dialogue with Mr. Henry Ling, lawyer to Mr Kho Whai Piaw and he mentioned that there is a very high possibility for them to appeal for the case and bare in mind, the hope for by-election for P195 Bandar Kuching is still valid. Anyhow, Good Luck to you all....

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