Monday, April 26, 2010

Good Bye Hulu Selangor....I miss the place so much

I m just left Hulu Selangor today and i back to my hometown now in borneo. After long journey in Hulu Selangor, i experience a alot from the area and i eat a lot special food there.
There got special Loo Mee, Hainan Mee, Coconut Prawn, Egg Cake, and alot of delicious food can found there, i miss it so much. No matter how, i cant stay long there and i have to get back to work.
After the journey to Hulu Selangor, my experience in by election not stop here, i will be soon to Sibu for the next by-election...
Any how, stay to my blog and i will update more news to you from Borneo - A Place Like No Others and more news in Sibu..
Good bye my friends in Hulu Selangor and See you all in Sibu..
P/S: at the same time, i manage to capture nice scene of Sg Selangor Water Dam in Hulu Selangor and share with you guys here....Go to Hulu Selangor when ever u free, a lot of delicious food waiting for you there

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